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Russ Lenk came by a couple weeks ago.
Got him in front of the mic again, it's been too long.
What a great songwriter. I've been priveleged to share a stage with Russ and Eric for 5 or 6 years (could be 8 or 9, who's counting?). Russ gets me in and out of rehab and prison all the time. Every gig. That's pretty much our fan-base.

In fairness to him, we didn't exactly slave over the recording. As far as he was concerned it was meant as a demo to help us get the song in our heads. But it's fun for us to experience his songs filled out with various parts so if anybody is interested, let er rip. This one's kind of a study of the Circle of 5ths, there is a PDF of a hastily concocted lead sheet in the tracks.

We didn't use a metronome, it's somewhere around 205BPM.

So Far:
Russ: Songwriter, Ac Gtr, Ld Voc
Lonnie: UR Bass, BU Vox
Bjorn: Uke
James (What Would Fat's Do?): Piano
Rick: Drums
Raul: Drums
Joe: Flatpick Ld Gtr

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