oggi Acoustic Blues

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Vocal update

By Maia KK   2yr+8mo ago

Edited/tidied vocals in DAW so uploaded now SEPs. Also bounced an updated mix, including experiment with some reverb (Learning. Not happy with it but it is better than it was. Only in the mix, not the SEPs - the SEPs are raw.)

Latest upload

By Maia KK   2yr+9mo ago

Ciao Lionello, 1 x rough mix (MP3) 4 x sep vocals (wav) Please note: DAW - technical ability very minimal. This is the best I can do with what I know. Vocals - This is not the best I can do but it is the best I could do with the time I had availab...


By Maia KK   2yr+9mo ago

Ciao Lionello, I have downloaded the latest version with bass and I am glad to discover that it works well with the vocals.I am making some improvements to the vocals, then I will upload a rough mix and the vocal seps (planning for that to be within t...

Vocal idea

By Maia KK   2yr+9mo ago

Ciao Lionello! I really enjoyed playing with this today - it's my very first time adding to a project! I believe it turned out quite well but I can do better.This is a rough file because I am a noobie with DAWs, and a noobie on Kompoz so I didn't want...