Painted Rust ( Punk Rock Spin Off ) Alternative

  Spin-off   Spun by minime



Creative Brief

Now in G Major and the Bpm is 190 :-)


Minime - Guitar,Bass, Drums and Mixing

Jubal - Vocals ,Songwriting,Lyrics


Painted Rust, is an expression that was used a lot in the days of the old the infrastructure worsened (bridges, trains, etc.) the government used a lot of paint to cover the obvious...I took that as a catch all phrase. The tune is spin-off enabled if you want to take it in another direction. Here are the lyrics and chords...

Painted Rust

Painted Rust, that's what they call it

when ya cover up the truth, but make it shine

the whited sepulchers, that Jesus spoke of

are everywhere, in every walk of life


Painted Rust, can you see it?

when ya go to school, and where you go to work

from the leadership on down to the hobo

sticking to us like a sweaty t-shirt



Ah, and so I rolled my sleeves up

Ah, to scrub away the rust

Ah, and never will I give up

until my body returns to the dust




Painted Rust, through the centuries

handed down, like edicts from above

each generation captive to control freaks

while the Lord, keeps telling us to love







intro...G   G6sus4addb11(G6add4)...4 repeats

verse 1...G   G6sus4addb11   G   Em   G   Bm   D   D7

verse 2...G   G6sus4addb11   G   Em   Bm   D   C6sus2

chorus...Em   Bm   C6sus2   Em   Bm   D   Em   Bm   C6sus2   G   D

instrumental...same chords as verse 2

intro...same intro chords (2 repeats only)

verse 3...same chords as verse 2


fade...intro chords to fade... 

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Genre Alternative BPM 95.0

Collaboration started June 2, 2017 by minime
Last upload 3yr+6mo ago

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Effective on Jun 2, 2017

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