Drag Butt Acoustic Blues

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Drag Butt - minime vocal mix Uploaded 1yr+12mo ago by jubal

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jubal   commented 2 years ago

OK, so the vocal wasn't this LOUD on my DAW...I had fun working on this minime...thanks for letting me have a go at it. If you can use this vocal, let me know and I'll send the dry vocal sep...Rock On : )

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minime   commented 2 years ago

Hello Jeff , this sounds very very fine to me ! I really like what you have do ! Will change the name of the Project to " Drag Butt " and please upload your separate track with the click on the start ( Cut / Copy / Paste ) from my track you have sing to ! Oooh and maybe the Lyrics as a comment so that i can copy them to the Dashboard so that people can read them by listening if they like ! Thank you Jeff !

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jubal   commented 2 years ago

Glad you like it...I'll upload the dry vocal sep and send the lyrics...thanks again for letting me work on this bluesy tune : )