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Creative Brief

Vox + Lyrics- Deanna Luciddreaming
Poorly played Guit and Bass- Shifty Failure
Pro-Level Drums, Mixing and cleaning up my mess- Kevin "Astro" Nut
This project was so much fun to see unfold, and so many creative and good things came out of this! Thanks to everyone who added to it. Click on all these links below, now!

Cruel- This is the track that made Ryan an international superstar (huge in Latvia). Go and listen to it, stat! Amazing vocals and lyrics.

Ryan AND Deanna Mixed Vocals- The legendary Dani (RAVEN) stopped by and laid down this awesomeness, combining Ryan and Deanna's vocals!

Hold Me Tight- Hazie Vox- Someone needs to track this guy down- he's got a great voice! Where'd you go Hazie?

Thanks for Listening!

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Genre Adult Alternative BPM 100.0 alternative dark rock

Collaboration started October 16, 2011 by PlaceholderID
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