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RMDO's version of this song.

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Sorry (Bitterheart)

I don't know when it happened.

Somewhere along the way

We keep sliding through to the new normal

And here we are today


And there's a lot of sadness

In a little memory

All these dirty words that you think you might've heard

They didn't come from me


And when you lay down with your bitter heart

Think I don't feel it?

I'm giving here but do you get enough?

I'm really sorry


Are you going to lose your temper?
Why can't you let this go?
When we're out, it's all on display

Like a dog & pony show


You're wringing your hands man

And rolling your eyes

One things true, baby with you

There's always a 'surprise'


And when I lay down with my bitter heart

Tell me, do you feel it?

You're giving here… it's just enough

I'm really sorry


All I really want from you

Is a sign, a token

Just to show that you know it's broken

And it hurting 

It's hurting you too.


I ain't got the power

You got to take it into hand

Show me what's real

Show me what you feel,

Help me understand


Cause when we lay down with these bitter hearts

I know we both feel it

And we're giving here.. it's getting rough


And I'm dying here in this bitter heart


And the whole things just messed up

It's just sorry


Sorry      it's sorry   sorry

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Genre Adult Alternative

Collaboration started June 15, 2017 by Skookum
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