Never Forget Downtempo

Started by RyanLucas, © All Rights Reserved 2017



Never forget Nicola Version Uploaded 3yr+9mo ago by NicolaOffidani

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NicolaOffidani   commented 3yr+9mo ago

I spent this afternoon writing music and arranging my version of this awesome song. Your version, Ryan is already beautiful.. I wanted to add my soul to you vocal interpretation....

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RyanLucas   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Great job Nicola! Thank you for making this song your own. Your instrumentation suits the mood of the vocals really well. Can I create a spin-off for you? Either way, no pressure. :)

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NicolaOffidani   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Thank you Ryan, happy you like and it was an honor and a pleasure to try this version.. Yes please, create a spin... :)

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Mozartemis   commented 3yr+9mo ago

Ryan, I love your voice and Nicola, this arrangement is almost EXACTLY what I heard in my head when I listened to Ryan's scratch track. If you're going to spin this off, one thing I would explore, Nicola, is adding more strings at 1:57 and building them up to 2:02. This seems to be the apex of the song. Overall this is outstanding!