From a Whisper to a Scream Pop/Rock

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Vocal Demo - CH & BRK Only Uploaded 3yr+1mo ago by JmanJamz

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JmanJamz   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Just thought I'd upload an idea I had for this awesome guitar driven track. I'm thinking an inspiring piece that challenges another not to give up. They are big if they will only believe in themselves and in who they are - never give up! I;m thinking Verse 1 would be from the perspective of how negative the world can be - don't let it get you down, etc. Something like that, anyway. If you think it's going in the right direction I can write up more lyrics and record the vocals if you wish. Just saw this piece sitting out here with nothing going on so I thought I'd contribute. CHORUS 1 From a whisper to a scream Let it grow from deep within Taking hold of all your dreams You were made for this one thing Believe, have faith in things unseen There'll be songs for us to sing When you take it From a whisper to a scream BREAK You will rise high Fly, burn the sky Spread your wings And fly

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MrJinx68   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Outstanding job Jman! Yes. Please continue, as I'd love to hear what more you come up with. Best Regards, Louis