From a Whisper to a Scream Pop/Rock

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Vocal Demo only V1, CH & BRK Uploaded 3yr+1mo ago by JmanJamz

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JmanJamz   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Did verse 1 and just thought I'd throw it out here as I go along. You will probably hear it in the pre-chorus - I did sing "passion". I like "action" - after all, action's do speak louder... VERSE 1 Seems everyday You hear somebody say You can't, you don't, you won't Amount to anything of worth Don't believe a word And let your voice be heard Stand strong, stand tall, come on Accept the call PRE-CHORUS Small voice inside of you Trying hard to break through Let it lead; it'll take you far Let action fan the spark CHORUS 1 From a whisper to a scream Let it grow from deep within Taking hold of all your dreams You were made for this one thing Believe, have faith in things unseen There'll be songs for us to sing When you take it From a whisper to a scream BREAK You will rise high Fly, burn the sky Spread your wings And fly