A MILLION RED RED ROSES RED song lyrics by Joel Sattler Contemporary Folk

Started by joel_sattlersongs, © All Rights Reserved 2017



A Million Red Red Roses Red Uploaded 12mo+3dy ago by LeRoc

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LeRoc   commented 12mo+3dy ago

A quick mix so I can feature it on my profile.

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 12mo+3dy ago

good stuff

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LeRoc   commented 12mo+3dy ago

Thank you, it was really good working on these lyrics.

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formfisch   commented 12 months ago

Still a great song, I was recently wondering what happened to it... Nice guitars, too ;-) in my opinion the accordion overshadows the vocals quite a bit, though, my idea would be to pan them a bit more, remove some annoying frequencies (~2k) and put it a bit in the background...

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joel_sattlersongs   commented 12 months ago

I gave you "manager" status so you can remix it if you want.