Hell on Earth Death Metal/Black Metal

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Hell on Earth MIX 6 Uploaded 3yr+3mo ago by MrStyx

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MrStyx   commented 3yr+8mo ago

Adding Lee's solo and extra guitar I'll record more vocals later. While I didn't have time for it


metalled   commented 3yr+8mo ago

yeah the mix is very good, but my lead and billys lead guitar in the melodic parts need to blend in more volume wise. you see billy only added the harmony lead to fill out my lead a little more in the back ground.....and now the tail out's don't sound right because billy is louder than me. listen to billy's original mix and both the guitars in the melodic parts, https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/769618/file/780674/2#comment918413 but apart from that this is a great mix :)


MrStyx   commented 3yr+8mo ago

Ok I'll re-mix again :D