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Creative Brief

I wrote these lyrics for a person I care about immensely, and I'd love to have something that person can actually hear. And also, you know, create great art. 

Since I'm primarily a poet and writer, I doubt I'd be able to capture the emotion of the lyrics in any melody or guitar part I might come up with. So I decided to leave these in your very capable hands :)

PS I tend to imagine these lyrics as similiar to Sara Bareilles or Anna Nalick in terms of tone and instrumentation, but of course feel COMPLETELY free to take these in whatever crazy direction you like ;)

PPS I'm completely able and willing to adjust the syllable count of any given line to fit whatever ideas you might have for a melody. Just message me!


Stars and Pennies


For you love's as common

as a parking lot penny

I said when I wanted

to say you've possessed me

for some time


'Cause for me, love's as common

as a penny on mars

and all I ever wanted

was to be the stars

in your eyes


Chorus One: 

And I know it's all the same to you

so let me be the penny you pick up

I know I don't mean a lot to you

but I would find all meaning in your touch



Make me your parking lot penny

Pick me up, go on and spend me

'cause I would give all you let me



And you call the stars courageous

for proving dark don't mean vacant

Aren't pennies on the wet pavement

as bright?


Chorus Two:

And I hope it's all the same to you

and you can't tell the pennies from the stars

I know I don't mean a lot to you

But I would find all meaning in your arms


Verse Two:

Every summer in Iceland

there's no stars to love or envy

You'd have no problem finding

stars in parking lot pennies

up there


Chorus Three:

And I know it's all the same to you

so let me be the penny you pick up.

I know I don't mean a lot to you

but I would find all meaning in your touch

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