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There's been a lot of talk about playing things through in one take or working things up from loops this week. I have no interest in getting dragged into this argument, but it did get me thinking. I find myself spending more and more time up to my elbows in my DAW and haven't played live for over 10 years now. So, I stripped back something I have been working on at home right back to basics and here I am posting a guitar only track which is formed of two single takes straight from the pedals/amp. OK, so I double tracked the delayed part in logic and eq'd one of them a bit. But all one take, warts and all. Not always pretty, but anyone fancy adding to it? All auditions welcome, absolutely anything, but one takes with all of their glitches and glory especially welcome. Great to have so many auditions and ideas for this track, but there have been lots of downloads. I want to mix in as many kompozers as I can so please feel free to post something...

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Genre Adult Alternative BPM 90.0 guitar pop

Collaboration started November 4, 2011 by ecopunk
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