Not Two (Spin-off 2 - Drum kit version) Alternative

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- PositiveFuturist
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Creative Brief

Happy to have further input on this version, which lends itself to a bit of experimentation with mainstream/conventional instruments, with the invitation always open to try something unconventional

'Not two' refers to how we are all connected, and I especially like how we are united through music :) 

Ignore the genre I have selected and take it anywhere you want to.

I have a different recording of this song with wooden flute played over the top of my PANArt Integral hang (handpan) - it's lovely, however, we're not a duo any more and I thought it might be fun to see if anyone wanted to play with it - create something fresh and new. Given that flute has already been done, perhaps best to skip that one. This song has tended to be a crowd pleaser, and really funks up well with some other percussion and instruments added. It has never had vocals (none have ever come to me for it.) Someone else might get a vibe.

Technical mention - apologies there's no click track on this one (even though it sounds like it does!), and the hang tuning has drifted a bit high. It's closer to 444 rather than 440 (details here: ) ...however, some instruments tuned to 440 and 432 can still sound good.

The hang isn't really tuned to a key - it's a tonal range. Notes are D3, A3, Bb3 C4, D4, E4, F4, A4 (Some have said closest key is D minor, but I like to say when you play the F major scale from A to A and leave out the G, you've nailed it. lol.)

This upload is  a low quality MP3, but I can supply a wav file to anyone who I'm collaborating with who needs one.


The original purity of the sound of the hang needs to be left untouched. i.e. no pitch changes (other than any slight correction of the intended notes where the tuning is slightly out) and no FX - not even reverb. This is to honour the artisans who created the instrument. The instrument has many overtones and a lot of resonance - that it why it is so magical as is. The makers call it a 'sound sculpture' and 'singing steel'. (It has been recorded in stereo in a professional studio and mixed by a sound engineer who honoured my request not to mess with it too much, so it's a finished track. The MP3 probably doesn't adequately reflect that.) 

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Collaboration started July 1, 2017 by PositiveFuturist
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