Not Two (Spin-off 2 - Drum kit version) Alternative

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EngineeringMixing mahifed Maia mix1 aud HARMONICA MIX Uploaded 1yr+6mo ago by nicrob77

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PositiveFuturist   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Hey nicrob77, my sincere apologies, I have only just seen this now! (I did not get any notifications so I'll have to check my settings.) I've had a super-quick listen (some interesting sounds in there!) but I'm right in the thick of something else at the moment so I will carve out some time to get back to a second listen over this next week. Thanks for taking the time to experiment! :-)


PositiveFuturist   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Okay, I've just had the chance to have a proper listen. From 49 seconds on, I really like how it sounds. I'm guessing you just created a sample to see if it floated? If so, I'd be happy for you to go ahead and harmonica-ize the whole track along the lines of 49 seconds through to the end. Thanks so much for experimenting! :-)))))