Speechless Written By Scott C. Villnuve and Justin Serrano Adult Contemporary

Started by Scottyv, © All Rights Reserved 2017




By Unplu gged
2yr+10mo ago

Hello, may i have the instrumentals  so i can give it a try on the vocals??




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Scottyv   commented 2yr+10mo ago

Hey! thanks for your interest! Probably the best way to handle is to have a second version of the song. I'll make sure Justin has no problem with that and then create a spin for you to put your spin on the vocals Scotty

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Scottyv   commented 2yr+10mo ago

sorry cloud boy...if you had a little more to offer in the past several years as a member here we might give you a shot! Create something of substance here and people might take you more seriously... all the best Scotty


CloudBoyJ   commented 2yr+10mo ago

No problem, i'm here for the fun. Peace