New Earth (Choral arrangement) New Age

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- PositiveFuturist
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Creative Brief

Wanna co-create an awesomely fab K-Town 'choir' for this song? From a 2011 album of mine, this song has always sat in the back of my head as a potential choir song. I put the call out and sriracha offered to help so we now have a complete choral arrangement, with guide tracks and sheet music. He's done a beyond phenomenal job! I am so grateful and I cannot thank him enough! Seriously, the dude's a legend!

I love the unifying, inspiring message that's all about collectively choosing to move towards a greater world in which we all thrive. (That's the only way it's gonna happen, so we may as well put our best foot forward!)

I can just imagine a choir taking this to a whole new level. Super, super keen to see where this might go!

Thanks to Gemini for kicking things off by contributing to the base loop (currently the featured track).

The preference is for the bass parts to be male. (Could get away with it being only one more voice as I'm keeping the ones from the original song, though more are welcome). 

The contralto could be male tenor or female contralto, or a blend better still!

The bass and contralto parts are a loop. 

I'm also open to anyone freeforming over the top of these existing parts, if the inspiration strikes.

Huge thanks to Billy for creating the guide tracks. Just a useful mention that some of the words slide whereas the piano doesn't, however, the sheet music shows it clearly.

There are no sync notes (due to a technical complexity) however if everyone supplies wav or aif files all will be well. You're welcome to upload here on the project itself, or if you prefer, you can upload to my Google Drive

You may feel inspired to do more than one part. Also, you might have two takes of one part that are good, which would be welcome, for a fuller/bigger choir sound.

And BTW, if there is a choir anyone's involved in that would like to sing it and either record it or video a performance, that would be INSANELY cool! Let me know!

I'm keeping the percussion base track of the original song, however, any choir would have the option of including it (I can provide it) or singing it a cappella.

For those who have noticed how AWESOME the percussionist is, it's Carlos 'Tapado' Vargas from the famous, Grammy Award-winning Costa Rican band 'Editus' (he's a wonderful human being too, just to put icing on the cake! Collaborated often with him when I lived in Costa Rica for several months.)

And yes, this song was originally recorded with a click. (Thank goodness!)

Who's in?!!!! :-)


(P.S. re the splits, my take is 15% me, 20% sriracha and 65% everyone else who is included in the final result, vox and engineering.)

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Genre New Age BPM 116.0

Collaboration started July 5, 2017 by PositiveFuturist
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