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A rough sketch of my first kompoz idea... thanks so far to ViaggInterni,Joel&RB,leesharp,RLAllard,mauro,Xan,Jason,Jim,Bill,Joe,David and Nigel & Billy you have all given me plenty to think about.. Would like to hear if the song could support some backing vox in the latter part of the song. If anyone feels they can add something to the latest mix, would be interested to hear any ideas, or if anyone wants to try a mix of their own, feel free to do so.. My mixing ability is pretty limited..

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Genre Adult Alternative Key C major BPM 114.0 coldplay travis verve

Collaboration started November 18, 2011 by Scouser
Last upload 1yr+6mo ago

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Copyright © 2011 by Scouser, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Nov 18, 2011

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Scouser Joe Murphy
Isle Of Wight United Kingdom
FrancoGinetti Franco Ginetti
Portico di Caserta Caserta Italy
RB Rick Berls
Philadelpha PA USA
RLAllard Richard Allard
Smiths Falls Ontario Canada
leesharp Lee Sharp
United Kingdom
mauro mauro clerici
Inverigo Como Italy
xan xan eden
Omaha NE USA
DavidBaynes David Baynes
Stirling Ontario Canada
Gemini Nigel Robinson
Scotland United Kingdom
basementcake Jason Rogers
Dayton Ohio USA
JimCavanaugh Jim Cavanaugh
Cicero NY USA
RGBass Rob Glass
Vancouver BC Canada
RodZ Rod Z
Lakemore Ohio USA
keith2012 Keith Spinney
Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia
iphone9 Gretsch Maple
Perth WA Australia
smokinsteel Smokey Fennell
Edmonton Alberta Canada
RonnieB Ronnie Bouffard
Wales Me USA
steviewonderz Stevie Wonderz
SarasotaTim Tim Gilbreath
Sarasota Florida USA