Be The Moon Classic Rock

Started by AviRosenfeld, © All Rights Reserved 2017




By Avi Rosenfeld
3yr+2mo ago


wait a minute I can tell you why
I love you so
You are the one I - loved all my life
I can see you there I know you're far
even if I'll close
my eyes will see you - and (find out) who you are
Let me be the one you will always care for
be the moon, be the moon to shine on
Let the games begin - blow the tumpets - I will 
be there when the blinding sun goes down
Let me be there now I'm the one to count on
be the moon, be the moon - to shine for you
it will will never be the same if it will
end before the night will fade away
I would give away it all
to be with you
to talk about things - you love you to
wait a minute I'm still far behind
I hope you know
Youre waiting me there - for all this (precious) time 


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pcartwright   commented 3yr+2mo ago

What kind of piano part are you looking for?

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AviRosenfeld   commented 3yr+2mo ago

Virtuosic that plays some notes here and there. Maybe root chords on the first note of the bar.