Train Wreck(a little explicit) Adult Alternative

Started by touristzero, © All Rights Reserved 2011



Downmix with orchestral backing v.0.3 Uploaded 6yr+8mo ago by m3roadworx

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m3roadworx   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Well, you said we weren't supposed to take this too seriously... I have experimented with the orchestral samples from Kontakt 3 so here is a backing track with trombones, tuba, english horn, cellos, and cymbals. It is not as adventurous as it sounds, though. The backing is discrete and it is still the vocals and the drumbeat that drive the song.


touristzero   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Hell yeah! I love the textures that were added. Gives the track some more interest. The outro is what really gets me, it's just fantastic.

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m3roadworx   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Oh thank you. My idea was exactly what you mention, to add some interesting textures and some subtle variations behind the vocals and the drumbeat. This song is great material for a music video. I might have a go at that. Something with proper video, and not just panning and zooming of pictures as I have done so far.