Rouge Alternative

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Rogue Remix Idea Uploaded 2yr+1mo ago by kaysirrah

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kaysirrah   commented 2yr+1mo ago

This is just a remix idea.

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Mozartemis   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Outstanding! Rouge is one of my all time favorite songs on Kompoz. It haunts me. And this is my favorite mix to date. Excellent approach!


kaysirrah   commented 2yr+1mo ago

This is one of my favorite tunes on Kompoz as well. Thank you so much for your kind words!


Fretbuzz   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Wow thank you Kimberley this is awesome!! I especially like your version of the arrangement. Now i have to listen to it a bunch more times :) Nice way to start my day, thanks again!!

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fresh727   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Ditto! WOW! Way to go! Thank you folks for the kind words...I just love this tune!!