Project 43 Metal

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Project 43 - guitar sep Uploaded 2yr+6mo ago by JarekA

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JarekA   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Finally - here's the guitar sep that Jon asked for. It took me a while, but Im slowly getting back into the recording game.

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dwfreak   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Thumbs up brother J. Cheers. Chris.


locrius   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Very nice guitar tone I must say! Reminds me a bit of Dream Theater! :) However, I hear a noticeable edit at 1:10 which sounds a bit weird. There is also a false note at 1:57 in the guitars panned right :) Also, I would suggest to double track the guitar (best done with a different tone) to make the guitar sound thicker. You can also use this second layer to do your licks 'n flicks whilst the fundamental layer is more about rhythm and strumming :)

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JarekA   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Hey thanks for the feedback! The edit at 1.10 is where i mixed down 2 takes. Easy fix later. The false note at 1.57 is by design - i wanted a dissonant accent there


locrius   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Ah, already wondered how you missed it. XD