Dream Catcher Three Adult Alternative

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Creative Brief

My son has two Dream Catchers above his bed (a first-catch and a failsafe), and, just in case, he has also assembled an army of paper monsters we constructed, Lego robots, some dinosaurs and other small figurines. These are the good guys who protect him from his nightmares and other scary things. On some nights they need my help too.

So far:

Original Concept - Andy Baker
Piano - Gustavo
Orchestra and Drums - Lee
Electric Guitar - Mauro
Electric Guitar - Will
Lyrics/Melody/Arrangment/Vocals - Me
Mixing-Mastering - ecoPunk

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Dream Catcher Three
by C. Kafka
Hush my darling, please
Won't you close your eyes and drift off to sleep
And I, eyes opened wide, by your side
Will guard you and watch you softly breathe

Dream Catcher One holds your fear
Dream Catcher Two hides a tear
So your Dream Catcher Three, I shall be

Lullaby sweetly
Rest your troubled mind completely
And whispered voices
That call your name
What do they claim?

With your soldiers standing by
Sabers raised and battle cries
I can see them lined up here
To fend off all that you would fear
For your Dream Catcher Three are We

Go to sleep
Until the sun sends fear away
And there, in the light
You will find me
And Your eyes will shine brightly
for your Dream Catcher Three


Traduzione: David Trivellin

Silenzio mio caro, ti prego
Chiudi gli occhi e lasciati andare al sonno
E io, con gli occhi ben aperti, al tuo fianco
Ti proteggerò e ti guarderò respirare dolcemente

il primo Acchiappa Sogni trattiene le tue paure
il secondo Acchiappa Sogni nasconde le tue lacrime
e il tuo terzo acchiappa sogni vorrei essere io

Cullato dolcemente
riposa completamente la tua mente inquieta
e voci sussurrate
che chiamano il tuo nome
cosa rivendicano?

Con i tuoi soldati in piedi
sciabole alzate e urli di guerra
posso vederli allineati qui sopra
per difenderti da tutto quello che temi
e il tuo terzo acchiappa sogni siamo noi

vai a dormire
finché il sole non avrà scacciato le paure
e li, nella luce
tu mi troverai
e i tuoi occhi brilleranno intensamente
per il tuo terzo acchiappa sogni

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