It's Good For You Pop/Rock

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It's a giggle about diet food marketing : )...spin-off enabled if you want to take it in a different are the lyrics and chords

It's Good For You

The business meeting went so well today

the spreadsheets tell us everything

research shows, the desperation, to loose weight, to look great

we'll soon have something ready for you to drink


It's so good for you, good for you

just muscle through the need to puke

It's so good for you, good for you

the box it came in tastes good to

it's so good for you, such healthy food

nod your head and now it's true

it's so good for you, good for you...


The studies will support what we want to say

the funding we give, tends to make it, that way

more grants for more research, always works so well

the credibility we buy, makes it sell





--------------------- fade



intro/verse...AM7omit3(Eadd4/A)   Esus2   Bm   D...AM7omit3   Esus2   Bm...3 repeats

chorus...DM7   AM7sus2   Esus2   E...4 repeats

verse...same chords, 2 repeats


instrumental verse...2 repeats fade

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Genre Pop/Rock BPM 134.0

Collaboration started September 17, 2017 by jubal
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