What kind of song (Makes A Pretty Woman sing) Contemporary Country

  Spin-off   Spun by Scottyv

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What kind of song Uploaded 2yr+11mo ago by Nicolej

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RickyD   commented 2yr+11mo ago

I love it! Good work, all!

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Scottyv   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Good job on final mix Nicolej! :0) Agreed Rick! Great job by all! Love it when a plan comes together...thanks to Buttercup for being the glue to bring it all together!! still have this vision of Christine in the back round chomping at the bit to join in and adding a few more whews and yeah adlibs in the music only portions? maybe after her company departs we can entice her with a larger cut of the kompoz payout!! lol Great track and composition Nicolej!! Love working with you! Scotty