When the beers put me to bed Country

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When the beers put me to bed -10LUFS Uploaded 1 year ago by Schwefelhard

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Schwefelhard   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Revision V10 -10LUFS: Slightly Limiting to address "loudness ware". Do not recommend to use it :-)


Nicolej   commented 1 year ago

From my speakers and to my old ears this is good as well. I've listened for the penaltys but I find non

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Schwefelhard   commented 1 year ago

I agree, the difference is small cause there's is just a little bit of limiting. The sound just a bit more harsh and more stressful to listen, mostly in the last part of the song... but just a bit :-) So feel free to go with this one, there is nothing wrong about it and still much better than a lot of stuff produced within the CD era...