Wilderness Survival Skills.. for the deaf and dumb New Age

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just thinking of how we miss the person for the trees sometimes ..

the water the water .. cause it doesn't look or smell like you and I may be hard to swallow..

but how we all have something to contribute to the stone soup ..

to survive the wilderness of miscommunication .. killing a brother or sisters with our words .. cause we forget to use our senses..


so .. I was thinking .. for all us lefties that can do much right .. 

wouldnt it be good to put the wilderness sirvival guide back into its proper form ..

a song .. that you need to listen to from your heart .. the song you need to listen for when you are out in the woods ..

ya know what I mean.. that then no that can't be capture in words .. that makes your skin crawl before you even know what bit ya .. cause you were trying to remember the right order of things when a bee is flying towards you ready to sting ..

is it stand perfectly still .. is it run away screaming screaming screaming .. does it matter the type the bee is ..

or what if you just need to listen to the sound if

the buzz to know if is a suicide bomber or one that just comes to pollinate the flowers of spring and makes us some yummy honey to eat .....


communications !! It's all what you sense to hear and see .. or not :))


love ya - angie 

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