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Creative Brief

The premise of this project is to create "Musical Poetry" . . . poetry that is not simply just recited on its own or with a few string arrangements or with a musical backing track, but actually interwoven within a song. This is not to be confused with rap, either. 


If you're a poet . . . please donate your poetry to the project! I will find some musicians for it and we can either spin it off at that point or whatever you wish. :)


If you're a musician . . . the whole goal of this project is to create a unique art form where you're not just playing some piano notes in a loop while the poet recites his/her material, but you're actually making a real song. Feel free to add instrumentals, guitar solos, or anything that has to do with a song, as long as you leave some room for some spoken word poetry. This may or may not work - it's an experiment. But I'd love it anyone is up for it!


If your talent is Vocals-Spoken or you fancy yourself a good orator . . . once we have a combination of a song and a poem you can lay down your vocal track. IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE SUNG OR RAPPED TO. What's unique about this is it's regular poetry, regular recital, but to a song! 


Hope you guys like this idea. :)



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