American XxX Nightmare Metal

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American Nightmare (drum tracking click) Uploaded 5yr+3mo ago by sriracha

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HeavyHeadDynasty   commented 4yr+11mo ago

So, chris listen to everything, but did not lay down drums.. IM looking into hooking up midi to track him with this new electronic kit. he did however play some new American Headcharge for me.. was pretty cool to watch him drum it in my studio. Next session will will hit this.

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sriracha   commented 4yr+11mo ago

cool - if you get the midi, I've got most of the great drumkits.


HeavyHeadDynasty   commented 4yr+10mo ago

june 28th is the next studio date.. with chris.


HeavyHeadDynasty   commented 4yr+7mo ago

chris, quit AHC. Im tryin to get him in on a session soon. poze magazine interview soon .. stalling for two tracks. . one a video premier. all or nothing it always seems... talk soon

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sriracha   commented 4yr+7mo ago

cool! let me know how I can help.