Final Judgement / Grand Finale Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Creative Brief

4/4 Time



Bm7 - G - A - G 


Verse 2

Hold D go A > G > E > F#


Verse 3

Bm7 - Am - E5/addF# - D



D7 - A x2

Bm - C7 - Bm - A


A Part of Myself

6/8 Time

Flute Part

G - D - C - BaddE


Frozen Waves

Gm - Gm/E - C#mDim - A


Gm > G - Bm - B


Grande Finale

E > Abm > A > C






There are four characters to this song.


Lady of the Light (female obviously…)

The Dark Dweller (Male - Opera voice)

David the Elder (Male Lower Rock Voice)

Boy (Young Male Higher Voice)




Verse 1 (Lady of the Light) -  00:24 

Little Boy of such innocence.

Have you come this foreign land?

The truth that your minds, defines,

To be whole, to make your final stand.


Your journey that has been so long,

Between this world and where you belong.

Now stands before you this mysterious Man,

A sad life unfit, that he can't understand.


Verse 2 (David the Elder) - 1:12 

Have you two no - understanding?

Of the power that this boy controls?

A mind taunted, locked away!

His existence will destroy my soul!

Verse 3 (Dark Dweller) - 01:36

Feeling hopeless, feeling scared…

To a love once he long lost dared….

No control, and so much pain…..

Washed away in a second’s gain…..


Verse 4 (Lady of the Light - blips come in in.) -02:00

Dark Dweller, you can’t understand.

It’s world, beyond what we comprehend.

These two are more - of a kind.

Souls once lost at the same time.


This man was not fair to thee.

Conceived upon his own lust and greed.

So you do now realize?

Existence trapped between the line.


Verse 5 (Dark Dweller/Pathfinder) - 02:48

Created oblivious am I, 

Out of the jealousy of your mind.

Now I challenge my creator, you, 

To reveal to me what is my truth?


Verse 6 (David the Elder) - 03:12

You once asked -  remove your curse

Of the horror you were given at birth

You brought this boy through the beats of time

And now his power shall soon be mine!


Chorus (Lady of Light -strings come in) -03:36

All you know - and all you will see…

It what was meant, and is to be,

Of all the mysteries through this young boy’s fate

Will be revealed at the departing gate.


All you see, and now all you feel…

The  logic will be now be revealed,

Let yourself recognize the joined pain.

For one’s loss, now so will gain.




Verse 7 (The Boy) - 04:27

The decision to fight has come this time.

Don’t tell me this world isn’t mine!

For the creatures that I so choose.

Is a memory of love for all of you.


Feelings are naught for all  despair,

I have always loved, I will always care.

If through these ideas, harm has to pass.

Then let these thoughts no longer will last.


Verse 8 (David the Elder) - 05:15

Naive little boy, 

Such a thing, that you believe!

As you create the world 

Which you alone, have conceived!


Verse 9 (Dark Dweller) - 05:39

No! You will leave this child alone!

Abandoned your lust to destroy his home!

I was wrong to follow your evil lies!

It was you who are deceived by your own eyes!


Chorus (David the Elder)  06:03

All I that know, and all that I feel.

This place is a world just can’t be real!

There must be a reason, there must be rhyme!

To this nightmare I have endured inside!


All that I know, my Dark Dweller son!

For you are weaker, now that you are done!

Destroy your will, then when I speak!

Now to die, along side the meek!


A Part of Myself (switches to 6/8 - piano part) - 06:51

Bridge (Dark Dweller)


Evil is not your way!

Remember your true - self! 

Remember the day!


Your own innocence.

Is more than what it seems .

These cosmetic rules are more 

than just a child's dream!


Boy - 07:31 (softly)

I feel your hands 

between my flesh

You are me, 

after my death!


Now it becomes so clear!

How could I’ve been so blind!

You are what I have lost

When I first died!


Grande Finale (Drums come in)

(Lady of the Light) 08:11


In your youth…

You crossed over to - this plane.

But part of you still remained,

And carried out through-out his days.


Let go the pain…. 

The Dark Dweller’s love, has won! 

His role was not in be ignored!

He has made this world both of yours!




David the Elder - 08:51

I was so alone, 

Inside a tormented soul!

I felt broken - so many times!

And my ‘peace’ alone within my mind!


Boy - 09:11

All my lonely nights.

Safe from lack of light.

My world, I don’t need it no more.

I am ready to go home, and close…


The Door……


(Lady of Light spoken) 09:31

Light and Truth, have been revealed! 

Let the cloak descend, to show you are friends.

Young and Elder now fade away

And turn into David the Grey


Ohhhhh to the end....

Additional Information

Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock BPM 80.0

Collaboration started October 28, 2017 by ironhide1975
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