Mun kaunis kotimaani (Ack Varmeland du skona) Metal

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Ideas for the next steps

By Jannik Gade
2yr+2mo ago

Hey boys and gal!

I hope you all got well into 2018 and that all your limbs (at least those necessary for making music) are intact!


Regarding our song I would like to suggest that we follow the path shown by Kevin ( with a few alterations:

  1. Remove the markings at 1.47 and keep the doom feel until the solo. Careful not to add too many toms or hats until the start of the solo
  2. We keep the marking at 2.32 and here the drums change to the busier pattern and we keep the really nice fill Kevin did at 2:48 which really kicks off the second half of the lead.
  3. When the vocals enter again we can either keep up the steam from the lead part OR go down almost to the first doom feel until the lead enters again. If we do the first then the song may become monotone, if we do the second it may loose all the steam that we built up. Do you guys have any ideas?
  4. Since we'll change the drums we would need to change the bass to go with the drums - that ok for you Jon?
  5. Parmia mentioned that she would like to change the vocals too. Although they're awesome as they are I think it would be a good idea since the entire base changes too.
  6. Do you have any recommendations for a good mix/master guy? I doubt I can do the song justice! (I don't think it's terrible but it can be better). 
  7. Any general thoughts on the song? What's good, what shit??

I'm glad for all your contributions and hope we can finish the song soon! :)


PS: I would need a producer to take care of all my unfinished project!! If you know someone let me know haha :P


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Parmia   commented 2yr+2mo ago

Hi! Funny that you mentioned :) I broke myself a bit jogging in the woods on a slippery path. Back twisted and affected a nerve that has to do with heart, stomack and lungs. Getting better little by little... This song sounds quite good already!! I might think about the ending a bit more though.. maybe when I 'll be in my powers I could sing some new stuff to it?...


JonGarcia   commented 2yr+2mo ago

I'm very sorry to read this Parmia, the important thing now is that you recover soon. jannik, there's no problem in redoing the bass track


jannik   commented 2yr+2mo ago

Very sorry to hear that Parmia! Hope you get some good time off to recover :) I'll upload the new backing track for the drums and once those are ready I'll do one for the bass. Thanks for your patience and help :)


Parmia   commented 2yr+2mo ago

Ty so much guys!! I'll be okay soon..and back to the track!! :D


jannik   commented 2yr+2mo ago

I've made a new bass and drumless mix now for Kevin to work his magic: Once the drums are in place we can get the bass in the box and then to mixing! :) Does anyone have a mixing guy they would recommend for this genre?