Mun kaunis kotimaani (Ack Varmeland du skona) Metal

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By Parmia Vaala
2yr+1mo ago

I uploaded three seps... which each contain stuff to be cut and glued as you wish. I aligned them anyway the way I used them, more or less. There's no PERKELE though :D LOL

The demonic low voice in the end was combined with the one I inserted to the "leadvox" sep and the lower BUV which is in the "low_high" -sep.

Ask me if you need something... but I'm sure you can at least start with these.... right?...


Btw. I still don't have the best mic for this kind of singing...hope there's not too much snap and crck and stuff... I had some trouble with mics AND the DAW which chrashed twice...... grrr.... perrrr...


How of ya is gonna sing the demonic voice with me??... in Finnish...  :D 



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jannik   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Great! :)) I'll get started on the new mix the next days and will have a stab at the demon part 3:] With your seps I'll hopefully be able to sing it without butchering your language.. let's see :P I'll also play around with the harmonies - I think Kevin had some pretty cool ideas in one of his keyboard seps :)


Parmia   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Maannn I'm gonna love to hear you growl in Finnish!!!! \O/ Woot woot!!!