Mun kaunis kotimaani (Ack Varmeland du skona) Metal

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Mun kaunis kotimaani Uploaded 2yr+1mo ago by jannik

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jannik   commented 2yr+3mo ago

Since I recently switched to Logic I wanted to make a test mix of the song :) Comments are welcome!


Parmia   commented 2yr+3mo ago

Hiya!! How nice!! :))) You asked for beware!! ;))) My voice is a bit dry...I would say that a notch around 5 to 8 k at my voice track would help to get it fuller (my mic seems to amplify those freqs.. or something..) Also my chorus in the intro could be a tiny bit lower? it covers the leading guitar (which is kinda fighting against the piano chords also...) I'm glad you got into this again!! :D))


jannik   commented 2yr+3mo ago

Thanks for feedback! :) I'll take a look at it over the weekend. I've been busy at work and all the Christmas stuff and didn't have time to to anything on the song - although I opened it many times :P