Mun kaunis kotimaani (Ack Varmeland du skona) Metal

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MKK Orchestra & Choir Ideas Uploaded 2yr+5mo ago by Gemini

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Gemini   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Added strings (pizzicato & tremolo), French horn and brass (various articulations) ensembles from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra library plus male and female choir from Soundiron Olympus choral library. It's a big anthemic build..... PS: Not a mix.


jannik   commented 2yr+4mo ago

Hi Nigel! Thanks for another upload! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right direction of the strings/choir. I just got some awesome new vocal tracks from parmia and will have to mix them before I know what I'm looking for in the strings. May I get back to you once I've made myself an opinion on the matter? :) Thanks again :)

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Gemini   commented 2yr+4mo ago

Hi Jannik, No was just to demo the possibilities.