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mandyevansartist   commented 2yr+3mo ago

Hi - I did this before listening to Pauls vocal ideas - which I really like - i thought i would upload it so that you can see i am at least doing something I will try to copy the vocal suggestions in my next efforts and upload the next mixed attempts - when you guys like it I will buy the next level up and upload all the seps as a wav file

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PaulELong   commented 2yr+3mo ago

You've got a bunch of different ideas going on so it's will be hard to get specific. I've got some starting comments for each section. VERSE: In general I like just the doubling on the first two verses. Then, I really like the last verse with the different part underneath in that section. It makes the last section more special if you save it to last. END: "...in this Tiny Town" The ending part is nice, though I think I would have to hear the seps, as I think not all the harmony parts work. But I like the direction it's going in. BRIDGE: Bridge part is also pretty cool for me. I would also like to hear track where it's almost spoken, might be cool. And perhaps the end of the bridge you could do a harmony there. CHORUS: For the chorus at the beginning, I think the lower part along with the double could work, and would also be nice with my suggested version. I see you did two different low parts, perhaps you can record both for both chorus' and we could pick how to mix them or choose one or the other. The part of the chorus "days are left", is low to begin with for your voice. I'm wondering if you might want to sing it differently altogether. You could sing days the same note as peaceful, and go up for "are" and back to the same note for "left". Or maybe there's another option you can find. Then you could some different harmony to match at the end. I like also the harmony on the 1st version "to think about". As for mp3, it's still find in the short term to upload vocal seps once you have version and we can use those to get more specific. The main issue is that mp3s don't always line up, but for vocals maybe that's ok for now. I suppose what I'm saying is don't let that stop you to upload seps. Of course in the end .wav would be best for the final product.

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PaulELong   commented 2yr+3mo ago

One more comment to add (maybe more to come as I listen more). The end of the second chorus you sing (I think) "trying to think about how blessed you are." Maybe you can find different phrasing and words to make it tighter. I think you need more syllables. For instance "Trying to wrap my mind around how blessed you are". Or "Upset about the ones who think how blessed you are." Or "Try to wrap your mind around how blessed you are." Hopefully enough examples that you can come up that goes with your songs meaning. Paul

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RealAl   commented 2yr+3mo ago

Hello Mandy: You did quite a lot of work here... It's difficult to tell what the main melodic vocal is because the harmonies weave in an out throughout. For me, your singular voice should be the strongest and most identifiable throughout, with harmonies added at points for emphasis, usually at the chorus, or a 'hook.' Overall, I think you have excellent ideas here, and you should upload the dry SEPS, ( yes, there is quite a bit of reverb that could be adjusted better in the mix.) Give Paul an opportunity to adjust everything, and since I believe he has the melodyne app, he can tighten the harmonies where he hears it as appropriate. Overall, this is so much improved, and getting closer to a finished project.GOOD WORK, ALL