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Shake a Leg (Rhythm Candy)
By Chrystal Kafka

Matt MacKinnon - Composer, drums
Tim Dobson - sax
Nicola Offidani - guitar
Pat Felitti - piano
Ron Adams - bass

Say, I've got my best dress on
And I'm feeling frisky and fly
Come on, baby, let's not waste this night
Let's go shake a leg

I got these reservations for four
We'll shovel sushi in and shuffle out the door
And before they quit that first set
We'll be slicing up that old oak floor yet

So, if you're feeling those rhythms
I say let's go and get 'em
I'm asking you pretty please
Won't you shake a leg with me?

Tim Dobson on sax
Nicola Offidani on guitar
Pat Felitti on piano
Ron Adams on bass
And at the helm is Matt MacKinnon on drums

Oh, Baby I'm begging you please
Come along and shake a leg with me
Shake it real high
I'm dying to bust this move
Something you just can't deny this girl

Ooh, who's that?
Is that Mr. Brown
And who's that he's with
Oh, that girl just hasn't go my moves
Oh, no no no

You know
May I should just saunter over there
With an extra Mai Tai
And a big ol' smile
That's sure to get something moving
Now, now boys, let's keep it with style!

Oh, Baby let's you and me get going
I'm dying to cut this rug
And you know it's not very nice
To make a lady wait

Mmn, I've got my groove
These boys sure know how to put me in a good mood
And now I'm begging you please
Let's slip on that floor

You see that man over there?
Why that's Mr. Brown
Everybody knows he's got feet light as air
(Why, he's the hippest hoofer in town)

Oh, baby, you know I wanna dance with you
But you've got to get out of that chair and move
So, I'm asking you pretty PRETTY please….

(You're looking so fine tonight…
Well, you've got a little soy sauce just right there in the corner
You want me to get it?
What's that? You want more sake?
More sake for my friend please!….)

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Genre Trad Jazz Key G major BPM 143.0 1940s 1950s bebop changes jazz rhythm

Collaboration started March 16, 2012 by momare
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