Somewhere In The Future Alternative Folk

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Creative Brief

 --- Spin-off mix of ---


Invite for drums and bass are sent...aside from that its open to whatever fits...its spin-off enabled also, if you want to build from the floor up : ) are the lyrics and chords

Somewhere In The Future

I've heard people say, they've lived in a past life

they dream at night of places they have been

sometimes they feel the need, to travel overseas

and visit places seen in their dreams

I think it must be nice, to have a previous life

to feel your roots so deeply in the past

me I wouldn't know, its not where my dreams go

my dreams are not then, and they're not now



I...dream...of you and me

somewhere in the future

the earth is clean, people sing

no one is in need, and I am right there at your side


I've heard people say, now is all we have

the past is just a goodbye, who needs that

for them its here and now, its all there is to see

they'll let it go, the future might not be

the past and the present, are teaching us the way

the things that went so wrong we won't, bring along

the future can be fine/bright, healing comes with time

pray for it, hope for it, plan for it, work for it





somewhere...somewhere in the future

somewhere...somewhere in the future


CHORUS ( altered )



intro/verse...C6sus2   D#dimaddb13(B7/D)   E7#9sus2   C#m#5add#11(A7/C#)   C6sus2   D#dim   E7#9sus2   repeat several times

chorus...E   E5add#5add9add11   E6sus4   E7sus4   E5   repeat

connector...C6sus2   Bm   E7#9sus2   C#m7#11#5   C6sus2   D#dim   E7#9sus2

intro/verse...same chords

chorus...same chords

bridge...Esus2   A6sus2sus4   B7omit3   A7omit3   E7#9sus2   repeat

connector...same chords

intro/verse...same chords ( 1 rep only )

chorus...same chords

Additional Information

Genre Alternative Folk BPM 90.0

Collaboration started November 23, 2017 by amoyssiadis
Last upload 2yr+4mo ago

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Copyright © 2017 by amoyssiadis, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Nov 23, 2017

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amoyssiadis Andrei Moyssiadis
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Port Richey Florida USA