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Creative Brief

Welcome to Amore! (For those who it helps to mention, Amore is the Italian word for love).

So far this song has vocals only, and the melodic repetition of the song's one word creates the effect I'm looking for. I'm seeking trance dance or any other sort of dance beat creation, with a lot of scope and flexibility for input with instrumentals/drumming/percussion (any male vocals would be a huge bonus). I'm open to any instruments really (it would be awesome if Kompoz had a talent choice of 'anything' to avoid having to add absolutely everything, lol). I also love fusion of cultures and styles. Sufi music would be an awesome influence for a piece like this. An influence I would like to incorporate, if possible, is this song that gloriously captures passion building: 

Sections can be extended or shortened, and I'm cool with any sections being looped or in any other way turned into repetition in the style of the genre. Cool with any vox FX as long as it's not too electronic/robot sounding.  

I've created a few different parts, over two tempos with a tempo acceleration in between to suit the song's theme. The theme is like a celebration of the more sensual/sexual chemistry aspect of the union of the masculine and feminine in love; intended in a delicious, steamy, way that builds the passion. (I'm definitely focused on where the hearts are engaged with each other, not just sex as a physical outlet, however the realist in me is aware that many people would simply regard it as a bonking song.) 

I included a slower section at the start, as I figured it could still have a dance tempo beat with it and it gives people a bit of space to take a little breather between songs or have time to get onto the dance floor, however, if it doesn't fit/fly, no problem to take it out. 

The rough sample track here has a click included just in case it's useful.

With the seps I put the 105BPM sections on separate tracks rather than following on from the 77BPM on the same tracks. I'm DAW clueless and did not want to attempt to set up the tempo build up from 77 to 105.

Seps are here:

I did record with drone tracks (E and B for the 77BPM part and F# for the 105BPM part) however, as I improvised it went to different places and I don't know music theory enough to be able to say anything useful about how that turned out and what key it is. 

IMPORTANT: I use solfeggio frequencies rather than standard, which in simple terms is essentially changing the frequency on your tuner to 444 instead of 440. The specific tunings are here: ) So the song would generally require tunable instruments to be re-tuned higher. ...however, some instruments tuned to 440 and even 432 can still work in some ways.

At the moment I have spin-offs disabled, however if you have an idea you'd like to spin-off you're welcome to check in. 

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Genre Dance

Collaboration started November 26, 2017 by PositiveFuturist
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