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Minime Spin Off

Minime - Electric Bass - Electric Guitar - Acoustic Guitar - Drums - Mix

Jubal - Vocals & Lyrics


This tune is a rock song I'm thinking, spin-off enabled if ya wanna go someplace different with it...invitation for drums and bass is already sent, aside from that its open to whatever are the words and chords

Greatest Story Never Told

He stood against the greed machine we all have come to know so well

he spoke against crap religion

he stayed away from all political connections

he spent his days among the poor



The greatest story never told

the greatest story...never told...never told


It never was about cathedrals and collections

it never was about clothes

it always was the heart in all of its connections

it always was what's goin on inside






CHORUS and fade



intro/verse...Bm   D   GM7...its a riff, sort of

chorus...F6   D   Em   F6   D   C6sus2   B   D6sus4addb11(D6add4)   GMb11sus4add6

intro/verse...same chords

chorus...same chords

instrumental...B   D6sus4   G6sus4 ( 4 reps )

chorus...same chords

fade...use intro/verse chords

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Genre Indie Rock BPM 136.0

Collaboration started December 2, 2017 by minime

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Effective on Dec 2, 2017

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