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Fight For Us You're like a soldier coming back from war Haven't seen you in years where have you gone? Time here is tough Your child still cries Can you look me on the eyes And say it will all be fine Cause IIIII I'm missing you Just tell me so if you want me enough Cause you know that I will Fight for us I'm gonna fight for us I'll fight Fight for us Where have you been? Cant you here me calling your name? Everything is just not the same Wanna go back to the way We used to be Where are you? Where have you gone Cause you know that I will Fight for us Know that I will Fight for us

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aliceminguez   commented 9mo+16dy ago

The only potential problem I see is that there's no longer a full chorus that repeats. If that's what you want, that's fine, but the melodic structure might have to change


GBcompany   commented 9mo+7dy ago

Oh I see, not really what I want though. I´ll try correcting it then