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Endless night Adult Alternative

Started by FrancoGinetti, © All Rights Reserved 2012



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...some nights seem endless... ...but, with so many friends, many talents that intersect, that create, collaborating with each other, the night becomes less dark. I'm surprised as a single seed can give so many flowers. For this reason, many thanks so far to Dorinda, Raymond, Niels, Mauro, Joel, Derek. As already said, I'll try to do different mix of "Endless Night" (I hope not to mess too much - indeed, those who want to help me with the faders and knobs, is welcome:) Again, thanks to all.

Latest News: I invited Jim (JimCavanaugh) to the "feast":)) and he is available to HELP in the MIX. Thanks, Jim! CHEERS!!!

Additional Information

Genre Adult Alternative Key D major BPM 70.0 end night

Collaboration started April 18, 2012 by FrancoGinetti
Last upload 7yr+11mo ago

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Copyright © 2012 by FrancoGinetti, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Apr 18, 2012

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FrancoGinetti Franco Ginetti
Portico di Caserta Caserta Italy
rlapointe Raymond Lapointe
Toronto Ontario Canada
Nick66 Niels Soerensen
Aalborg Denmark
mauro mauro clerici
Inverigo Como Italy
capomagicpicJR Capo Magicpic JR
Chicago IL USA
Winehouse Dorinda Weaver
Dallas Texas USA
JimCavanaugh Jim Cavanaugh
Cicero NY USA
joel_sattlersongs Joel Sattler
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
sdelgo Steve D
Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
reelpix James Browne
Jorgephoenixx Jorge Burrage
Phoenix Arizona USA