Time to Fly Rock

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2 update time female lead raw2 Uploaded 2yr+7mo ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2yr+7mo ago

Hi Jurgen! I just uploaded 2 re-sings of the lead vocals following Rab's advice to try and double up some of the quieter parts so I just picked out a few spots in the verses where I felt like maybe it was a bit too quiet. I re-sang the full chorus except for the ending "Time to Fly" because I felt like that was a fairly strong bit but let me know if you want the full verses re-sung with that ending bit! Hopefully, I followed my other lead vocal sings well enough that these can just be plunked in for "thickening" up the vocal!! :) Dank u!! :)


JurgenKrimp   commented 2yr+7mo ago

I'll continue working on this tonight. Awesome. Thanks Kim! You put a lot of effort into these vocal lines, which I appreciated very, very, very much! All the best!


fisherman   commented 2yr+7mo ago

Yes,This is sounding very good. Great work Guy's !