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5g vocal lyric idea Uploaded 2yr+6mo ago by markdeckard

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markdeckard   commented 2yr+6mo ago

Hey remember me? Well I messed with your awesome track just a little for this idea. Just a little switchy thing to keep the lyrical momentum. If that kills it I understand. Heres the lyrics. I visited the website you linked. Your right next to me a thousand miles away but I need you closer than I did yesterday my towers higher and the powers so strong i can feel the pain but I cant move away Can you hear me now? If speed kills then has thrill has begun cause the deal is on and they got our tongue a light is shining and its burning us all but the holy calls must go on and on

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xterrabill   commented 2yr+6mo ago

great work!


rockindrummer68   commented 2yr+6mo ago

I like it so far, I wish you would finish it. :)


kimberous   commented 2yr+2mo ago

mark, you have a wonderful voice!