I Can Feel You Breathe Downtempo

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Help Wanted

Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- viktordrummer
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Creative Brief

Music by: me (ViktorDrummer)
Vocals and cover art by: Kinga (not Kompoz member)
Lyrics by: Teek
The drums will be replaced by me. They will be live drums soon.

Please feel free to give me some advice (even regarding the accent or the prosody) and add any ideas.

I need some bass and some ambient guitars and some improvised jazzy chill rhodes.

BPM 70

The chords are the following:

Verse (4x): Amaj7/E, D9sus4, Fmaj7add13(no5), A7/G, A7+5/G

Pre-chorus (4x): A7, A7, A7, F7, Fmaj7add13(no5)

Chorus (4x): Amadd11/D, Dmadd9, Fmaj7 and Dm9, Em7 add11 (no5) -9

You can also find the chords in the MIDI files at the Songwiting section (unfortunately they are in 140 BPM instead of 70 BPM).

Additional Information

Genre Downtempo Key Please find the chords in the readme BPM 70.0

Collaboration started December 19, 2017 by viktordrummer
Last upload 3yr+2mo ago

Copyright Information

Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2017 by viktordrummer, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Dec 19, 2017

Copyright Sharing Statement:

viktordrummer has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Based on a split sheet
Sound Recording: Based on a split sheet
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Teek Tez Katajala
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