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Mamma Said Mamma Said Don't lose your head Just take deep breaths Play it cool instead (Good words from a Mamma) (Forget all the drama) (That's what will harm ya) (You listen to Mamma) That's what mamma said Mamma said It's in your head You can be someone Just get out of bed Mamma said Don't fool your head Fear bad ideas Cause you'll end up dead (Good words of a mamma) (Forget all the drama) Listen to the words of mamma She wants happiness for ya Wisdom can be passed on to ya She wants you to stay on par Good words of a Mamma Cause you're her little star (Good words of a mamma) (Forget all the drama) Advice rings true when from your Mamma Play it cool is a good start Relaxing on a beach in Palma Mamma Said you stay smart Mamma Said.

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Line6Freak   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Hi Chris, Did see the lyrics on my phone in work earlier in the week... ... then forgot all about 'em...... !! Sorry. They look good. Hopefully a singer will jump on board and work some magic.... ... I would have a play with some melodies - but in my limited experience - probably more chance of others' involvement if I/we leave some of the jigsaw pieces missing for other creative input. Cheers mate ! T. : )


cicpisces   commented 2yr+5mo ago

No problem. It's a catchy tune. Lyrics arent too deep but could work.