moonSet Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Keys Uploaded 7yr+9mo ago by RGBass

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nemonty   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Rob, I'm curious about this track....and if you played it on synth keys or used the bass to trigger a keys module? Thx, Neil

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RGBass   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Hi Bud! Performed it on a keyboard then made quite a few midi edits to get this result. I also use a Sonuus bass to midi converter once in a blue has too much latency to be truly playable though! Sounds OK for strings/pads etc RG


nemonty   commented 3yr+11mo ago

Alright, thanks.....I've been exploring audio/video programs to use for real time collaborations. I found one called Digital Musician ( that has a small video window in an online DAW and it all seems to work ok. I know you & Cory do some video projects, have you guys found an online A/V site to use as a collaboration tool?