The Path You Choose (108) Sing lyrics Adult Contemporary

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elizabethauzan   commented 3 months ago

Included some of your nice lines. Hope you like the result. timestamps indicative only Cheers!

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Lift   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Hi Elizabeth, I wasn't to sing for a few weeks and this was sitting on a 'ToDo' list. I've been able to make a first verse and chorus based on the lyrics. We'll need to touch the verses as they currently don't yet fit the vocal melody, but we'll flesh this out. Vocal draft is up, have a listen, cheers! Maarten

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Lift   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Footnote: this tune is turning out quite nice. Thanks to your lyrics I'm able to concentrate on the vocals and we're giving this tune quite a neat turn around, thanks!

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elizabethauzan   commented 1mo+27dy ago

Great!! ^_^