Noir blue Contemporary Jazz

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soprano sax noir blue Uploaded 9mo+19dy ago by italo

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italo   commented 9mo+19dy ago

Hello Burak! The track is reverberated, but if you want I can upload the dry one. I hope you enjoy with it...


CoincidenceControlOffice   commented 9mo+13dy ago

Hi Italo, First of all, I want to take you for the track. It's great. And doubtless, you are a master of your instrument. Secondly, your playing fits the tune like a glove. I love it.


italo   commented 9mo+13dy ago

Hello Burak! I'm very happy to hear from you! Your track is very interesting and I really enjoyed playing it. It's a good trip. Thank you for your appreciations! It's my first collaboration on kompoz and I've found a good feel with your music. Let me know if there is anything else I can do. Let's keep in touch!