Anti Indie Rock

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ANTI Mix 2a Vox Uploaded 2yr+11mo ago by minime

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minime   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Hello Mike , i have here a first Mix to listen to ! I am still a little bit effected by the cold i have but my power is more or less back and so i had the need to do something with the Song because i like it allot ! When there is something you would like to have other please let me know and i will try to change ! Mixing was big fun because of your awesome Vocals and your also very awesome cool Guitar Solo !

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Just had a listen here and it sounds great to me. I like this song a lot, so thanks for having me!

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minime   commented 2yr+11mo ago

Very fine that you like the Mix ! Over the next days i will give it some more listen to find things but so far so good :-) Thank you !