Where They're Goin (111) remix BdT & vocals Rock

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Mixdown Where They're Goin (111) Uploaded 8mo+27dy ago by Lift

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Lift   commented 8mo+10dy ago

First stab at vocals, thoughts? @ John dropped the vocals during the solo was too crowed (after the bridge, 02:25)

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Lift   commented 8 months ago

@ John could you check the lyrics when you have the chance? THX!

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Deeptrope   commented 8 months ago

Sounds great, nothing I can't change. I'll upload the new doc with the slight changes. Good to go, lyrically. :-)

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Lift   commented 8 months ago

@ Tony your '2 cents'?

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TDStudio   commented 8 months ago

Hi Maarten Vocals sound great! Lyrics are a great fit John. Nice job to both of you. When you are ready for the final mixdown, perhaps we could bring all of the instruments a bit more forward in the mix. Most importantly, the bass. Otherwise, sounds great to me also Maarten. cheers Tony